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Beach Wedding

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Wedding Decorations


Wedding Planning

Our expertise lies in tailoring packages that perfectly align with the preferences, requirements, and aspirations of our clients. For us, a wedding transcends the conventional; it presents a chance for you to craft an exceptional day or an entire weekend of experiences tailored to you, your family, and friends.


Location & Venue Scouting

The search for the ideal location is a crucial aspect of the planning process, significantly influencing the possibilities as we strive to transform our clients' dreams into reality. Our team will assist you in the selection of the perfect venue, offering guidance and support throughout this important decision-making process.


Event Design

Whether you envision a sophisticated formal dinner reception, dream of a picturesque garden wedding, or aspire to achieve the charm of a vineyard chic celebration, we have the capability to flawlessly manage every step of the process. We will bring your vision to life by designing the overall aesthetic and, if necessary, sourcing or even creating elements that perfectly align with your unique preferences.


Event Excursions

The So Dream Day Designers team is dedicated to curating memorable experiences for your guests that will undoubtedly become the centerpiece of your wedding weekend recollections. From exhilarating hot air ballooning adventures to tranquil kayaking explorations in the local rivers, we aim to swiftly immerse your guests in the breathtaking beauty of the surroundings. This immersive approach ensures that your guests depart with delightful memories and fabulous photos, capturing the essence of your extraordinary wedding weekend.


Budget Development & Tracking

Irrespective of your planned expenditure, our responsibility is to assist you in crafting an event that aligns with the budget you've defined. We will provide guidance on effectively allocating your funds for a prosperous and well-coordinated budget. Furthermore, we will ensure you stay on schedule with your payments.


Vendor Management

We hold a deep respect for the fellow industry professionals with whom we collaborate, approaching them with courtesy and diplomacy. This approach enhances our team's ability to garner the additional cooperation and effort necessary to orchestrate seamless events, as the culmination of our collective teamwork.

Wedding Decorations


Dream Day Designers Producations

As an all-encompassing event planning company specializing in corporate, social, and non-profit events, we engage in strategic planning, conceptualization, design, and development to bring forth extraordinary event experiences. Allow us to orchestrate your upcoming event!


Birthday Planning & Décor 

where we specialize in creating unforgettable celebrations tailored to your unique preferences. Our dedicated team is committed to turning your birthday into a remarkable and personalized experience.


Baby Shower Planning & Décor 

here we specialize in creating heartwarming and memorable celebrations to welcome the newest member of your family. Our dedicated team is committed to turning your baby shower into a joyous and uniquely tailored event.

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